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Swish, glide and swirl in any water as a real mermaid. To make this a reality all you have to do is GROW one of our beautiful TAILS and you can begin living your dream to swim like real mermaid in our custom made mermaid tails that are made to be completely swimmable in any water! Perfect for pools, lake or ocean swimming. The tail also comes with an exclusive, seamless mono fin. 
Guaranteed to make onlookers think you are a real mermaid

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 We offer quality mermaid tails in a variety of colors. You can purchase different fabric tails too, to go over the mono fin that comes with your first order. All we need are your measurements (waist, waist to ankle and hips) to make you a perfect fitting mermaid tail guaranteed to bring lasting mermaid fun. We have happy mermaid customers all across a America and we look forward to helping you fulfill your dream of swimming like a mermaid.                  
Our quality, hand made tails are $115, plus shipping
 for all sizes!
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beautiful mermaid
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Inspired by the enchanting thrill to swim as a mermaid, McKenzi Massey made it her desire to offer quality swimmable mermaid tails to anyone who desires to become one! She has made many happy mermaids with her mermaid tail design (see comments from customers page) and exclusive hand crafted mono fin that will not crack but allow one to swim smooth and carefree as a mermaid.

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Swimmable mermaid tails - YouTube- Watch our mermaid fun!

Quality Mermaid Tails - 

We take great pride in offering quality handmade mermaid tails using the finest materials available. To make the fabric part of the mermaid tail we use a 4-way swimsuit fabric combination of 85nylon / 15% spandex . The color choices available are stunning and we offer a vaierty to choose from under the grow a tail page of our site.

We are pleased to offer an exclusively made mono fin, hand crafted by Roy Massey of Ace Performer Windsurfing and Canoe Shop in Fort Myers, Florida, with our tails. He has specially designed a mono fin for mermaid swimming that is highly durable, won't crack and fits perfectly to your foot size. The quality of the mono fin that comes with your mermaid tail is an important, often over looked, consideration of the tail. If not made well, or of inferior materials, it might be susceptible to crack with normal use. Our mono fins are crack resistant and hand crafted to last. Our tails are guaranteed to bring hours of fun mermaid swimming. 

Click HERE to see our tail colors!!!!

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swimmable mermaid tail
swimmable mermaid tail
swimmable mermaid tail